Amit Shah tried to gobble up Janasena but I did not yield: Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan’s spate of revelations continues. He has been severely criticising the opposition party YSRCP for their action and inaction. On the third day of his tour in Andhra Pradesh, he shifted focus from the YSRCP to the BJP. Questioning why regional parties would arise if the national parties did their jobs well, Pawan revealed that BJP chief Amit Shah had asked him to merge Janasena into the national party and he had declined to do that.



“When I can make losing parties win with my support, why would I acquiesce?”, he questioned. He said that he would not gain anything in politics and it was solely for the people that he had entered the political world. He further said that all possible avenues should be explored to solve problems, failing which protest could be the last option.

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