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Trump Administration Announces Steps Against H-1B Visa Fraud

To prevent the fraudulent use of H-1B visas, the US Department of Homeland Security announced steps on Monday that used by employers to bring in specialised foreign workers temporarily.



As per a White House official, Mr. Trump may still do more on the programme and had promised to end the lottery system for H-1B visas.


For fiscal year 2018, the lottery was opened on Monday without changes.


"More oversight is a good start, but employers can still use the programme legally to depress wages and replace American workers. That falls short of the promises President Trump made to protect American workers," said Peter Robbio, a spokesman for Numbers USA, a Washington-based group that advocates for limiting immigration into the United States.


The official added, "The administration is considering several additional options for the president to use his existing authority to ensure federal agencies more rigorously enforce all aspects of the programme."