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BHIM Is Not 'Free'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently launched an e-wallet app, Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM), which is aimed at promoting the nation towards a cashless economy. During the launch, Mr. Modi said that BHIM will become the world's biggest wonder in times to come. 


Though, the app is listed on the Google Play Store, it seems that it's not exactly 'free'.


Few users claimed that downloading the app deducted Rs 1.50 from their mobile balance and also after downloading, the users have to go through long procedure involving answering several technical questions. 



It is heard that once downloaded, it sends a verification number on the user's smartphone through SMS and after receiving the message, Rs 1.50 are deducted from the mobile balance of the user. 


Tipped as a 'typical government app', some users claimed that many transactions are failed.