Bhopal Gangrape: First medical report said ‘consensual sex’, revised later

Massive blunder took place in the medical report of the Bhopal’s gangrape case of the 18-year-old girl. The incident happened on October 31. At first, the medical report said that the two main accused had ‘sexual intercourse with her consent and will’.



Then, later the supplementary report said that it was a gangrape after the police asked the Bhopal government hospital doctor to explain her conclusion about the consensual sex.


On November 1, the first report was signed by a junior doctor, Khushboo Gajbhiye and the handwritten report also stated that the four accused robbed the girl’s mobile phone, wrist watch and gold earrings.


Now, the officials said that there were mistakes in the first report and were later corrected on November 4. The junior doctor reportedly said it was a human error and then sent the supplementary report saying gangrape.

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