Changes in Telangana cabinet: Chandulal Out, Kova Lakshmi In

With the 2019 general elections looming ahead, Telangana CM KCR is said to be contemplating a Cabinet reshuffle. The opposition has commented on various fora that not a single lady has been inducted into the Cabinet even after so many years of formation of the new state. CM KCR is said to be planning to induct Asifabad MLA Kova Lakshmi into the Cabinet to counter this criticism.



Minister Chandulal, who has been ill for a while, will be allowed to rest for a while Lakshmi will take his place. As the TRS is slightly weak in the southern regions of Telangana, the CM also plans to induct a few members from these areas. Insiders reveal that the cabinet reshuffle might happen after the conclusion of the World Telugu Conference to be held in Hyderabad between 15th and 19th December.

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