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Roja tensed about Unconditional Apology

YSRCP MLA Roja has been suspended for a year from Andhra Pradesh Assembly for her harsh comments on MLA Anitha. Now the Privilige committee came out with a report on Roja’s suspension and it has been submitted to speaker K Siva Prasad Rao today. The committee submitted a 62-page report which recommended that the suspension to be extended for a year more. This is because Roja did not come out with an unconditional apology even after being asked.



The Assembly speaker is all set to take the decision on this. Roja’s several statements in the past too have been verified and the suspension may come to an end if Roja comes up with an apology. TDP passed a resolution for an unconditional apology for which Roja did not turn out. The final decision is to be taken by Monday.