Feasts Galore: Modi in Chowmahalla, KCR in Golkonda fort

The Global Industrial Summit to be held in Hyderabad this year! The venue for this event is Hitex and 1500 dignitaries, including US President Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump are set to attend the summit. The Telangana government is pulling out all stops to make this event a grand success. To prepare for Ivanka Trump’s arrival, all beggars in the city have been relocated to the outskirts. The GHMC has also announced a Rs 5000 cash award to anyone who informs them of a beggar’s location.



Ivanka, who is to stay in the city for two days, will tour Charminar, Lad Bazaar and Chowmahalla Palace. Prime Minister Modi will be organizing a royal dinner in the honour of Ivanka Trump at the Chowmahalla Palace. Meanwhile, Chief Minister KCR is to organize a feast in Golkonda fort on November 29th for all the dignitaries attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.


Preparations for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit to be held in Hyderabad from November 28th to November 30th are in full swing. A.R. Rahman’s concert on 26th November is to be a pre-event for this summit. This will be Rahman’s first Indian concert in 5 years. Rahman is to perform all the hit songs in his 25 year-long musical journey on this night. This concert, to be attended by 30000 music aficionados, has also attracted Ivanka Trump’s notice. It is being said that she might even change her schedule to attend this concert!


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