Ghost Engine runs on its own before the loco pilot chases and stops it

In a shocking incident, an electric train  traveled for about 13 km without the driver. However, the loco pilot chased the train and stopped it in the most cinematic way.
The actual trouble had begun after the Chennai-Mumbai express arrived at Wadi junction around 3 pm on Wednesday, where its electric engine was halted. As the route from Wadi to Solapur in Maharashtra is not electrified, the train was to be attached to the diesel engine.
The railway officials are still clueless on how the engine started on its own. An inquiry is underway and the real reasons behind this strange incident should be revealed soon.

The Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Halle Berry, who was in an incognito mode has finally revealed her whereabouts to the whole World.

Halle Berry, who has always been fond of India, has landed in the Country’s financial capital Mumbai and is having a gala of time. The actress revealed through her Instagram account that she is in India.

“Caught a sunrise in Mumbai today,” the actress posted on Wednesday, along with a photograph capturing a skyline full of high-rises as the sun rays add an orange tinge to the sky.

“Take time to get lost today,” Berry wrote with the photograph of ‘Bade Miya’, the eatery known for its kebabs.

Though the real reason for her visit to India isn’t clear, Halle Berry’s India connection goes back to the time she wore a sari, henna, and bangles in her 2011 film Cloud Atlas.

When quizzed about the film’s themes, the actress said in an interview, “Most of the main characters are the reincarnations of the same soul through the six stories shown in the movie. It almost resembles the Indian mythology so much; where there was Lord Rama, who came as the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu and then there were many others. Very few people have explored such themes in Hollywood.”

“I want to take a step towards learning more about one of the oldest cultures in the world,” she said in an interview.

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