Gurgaon Schoolboy Killed By Senior, Not by Conductor

Seven-year-old Pradyuman Thakur was murdered in Ryan International school in Gurgaon which created a sensation across the country. The case has been handed over to CBI after the bus conductor has been named responsible for the murder. Now the CBI stepped out with shocking revelations that a senior student who wanted the exams to be postponed which left many in shock.



The class eleventh student will be produced before Juvenile Board today and was one among the people noted on the security footage. Some of the students informed that they have noticed him with a knife on the day before the incident. The student even revealed to some of his friends that the exams would be postponed and there is no need to study. CCTV footage showed Pradyuman, a second-class student crawling out of the toilet with his throat slit.

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