Hardik Patel on sex CD: I am yet to marry and I am not impotent

The chief of Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS), Hardik Patel stuck to headlines as two sex video clips allegedly showing him surfaced on internet. On Monday, these video clips went viral on social media platforms.


Nearly 10 days ago, he predicted that a doctored sex CD would surface to defame him and just as predicted, two such videos came out.


Reacting to this, he said, “The video is fake and morphed. It is part of dirty politics by the BJP that has stooped down to the lowest level to attack me.”


He further added, “I am a man, I am not impotent.”


Hardik said, “As long as people are with me, no attack on my personal life will adversely impact the quota agitation.”


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