He is a racist, Siddharth slams the Movie critic

Apart from an actor of repute, Siddharth is an aggressive man. He never backs to express his feeling openly, be it about his personal life or his take on the ongoing social issues. The actor who is going through a tough time with no hits in the recent years has slammed a movie critic.


Siddharth’s latest Trilingual horror drama which is titled as ‘Aval’ in Tamil, ‘The House Next Door’ in Hindi and ‘Gruham’ in Telugu is yet to be released in Hindi and Telugu. The Tamil version which was released on 3rd November got rave reviews from audience and critics.



But, a critic calling it a south movie, despite made simultaneously in all languages, has irked Siddharth. The actor has lost his cool over the remarks of the critic and described his comments as ‘racist’ comments. While the release date of Hindi version still remains unclear, the Telugu version ‘Gruham’ is geared up for release on November 17th.

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