Janasena's 'Operation Aakarsh': TDP a victim of its own game?

Janasena party chief Pawan Kalyan’s three day tour of Andhra Pradesh has been making the headlines since it was announced. Pawan has been making a great impact by speaking at two to three fora per day. In addition to meetings with the party coordinators, Pawan also created interest with some ‘public interest’ meetings. With the election year approaching, it is very essential that Janasena cadres have clarity about the political approach of the party. Political pundits have already begun drawing inferences from Pawan’s speeches. His accusations of corruption in YSRCP and his allegations of cheating by the BJP regarding special status indicate clearly that alliances with these two parties are completely ruled out. The only party that remains is the TDP.



The TDP has been encouraging YCP MLAs to join their party without hesitation. Due to this policy, the TDP has created artificial competition in some segments. With two or three leaders vying for tickets for the same constituencies, the only way TDP can accommodate conflicting interests is if there is a reorganisation of Assembly constituencies. Some MLAs are already doubting the possibility of getting tickets and have turned their gaze outwards. That Pawan Kalyan is a very good man and that they are impressed by his speeches is the talk amongst a few such MLAs. About a dozen sitting MLAs are expected to come out of the TDP. In that case, it is only Janasena that can accommodate them and give them tickets is the conclusion being drawn by political analysts.

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