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Chitrangada Movie Review

Talented actress Anjali’s latest outing Chitrangada released today. G Ashok directed the movie and Chitrangada is said to be a horror thriller. Here is the complete review of the film.




Chitrangada is all about Chitra (Anjali) who turn completely unusual and weird after she witnesses a murder. This haunts her and she starts searching for the spot and ends up landing in USA. The rest of movie is all about how Chitra unfolds the mystery. Watch Chitrangada to know about the complete story.





The first half of Chitrangada lacks interesting narration though the plot has been unique. The poor narration and the presentation kills the flavour of the film. Chitrangada even lacks commercial elements and the second half too carries the same mood. The most important twirls too have not been well narrated. A simple climax ends up Chitrangada on a disappointing note.




Anjali tops the show with her unusual and flawless performance throughout the movie. She has shown enough variations in the film and is the major highlight. Jayaprakash and Arjun Bajwa have been stupendous with their assignments. The story of Chitrangada has been extremely impressive but it is the narration which kills the film completely.




The music and the background score is an utter disappointment. The cinematography looks decent and the production values have been lavish. G Ashok makes a costly mistake as he fails completely in turning out Chitrangada into an engaging horror thriller. 



Chitrangada is a film that falls flat because of the poor execution despite of having an interesting plots and impressive performances.