Lakshmi's Roja: Special episode

Generation gap and age gap could not affect the camaraderie between the two firebrands of the YSR Congress party – Lakshmi Parvati and Roja. Both ladies are known to be hardcore loyalists, who do not waste an opportunity to promote and defend their party. Both are crucial to Jagan’s party. This shared interest in the party’s future is probably the reason for their visible friendship.



YCP MLAs recently went on a tour to ascertain the status of the Polavaram project. While it was an information-gathering session, the bus tour was also an opportunity for the YCP MLAs to mingle. With the Assembly boycott, the MLAs have not been able to interact much. This trip was a way for them to get together and be energized for the future. Lakshmi Parvati and Roja created quite a sensation on the bus by taking selfies and posting them on the social media. The usually quiet Lakshmi Parvati forgot her reservations to mingle with her fellow partymen.

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