Modi accuses Aiyar of offering bounty to remove him

After the senior Congress leader’s insensitive comments on Modi calling him a ‘neech’ aadmi (vile person), PM Modi took a dig at him and accused Aiyar of giving bounty while he visited Pakistan to remove him.



While addressing a rally in Banaskantha district of North Gujarat, Modi said that Manishankar went to Pakistan and discussed with the Pakistanis about the removal of him. “In that meeting, he is seen discussing with Pakistanis that ‘jab tak Modi ko raste se hataya nahi jata’ (until Modi is not removed from the way), the relationship between India and Pakistan cannot improve,” Modi added.


“Someone tell me what is the meeting of ‘raste se hatana’. You had gone to Pakistan to give my ‘supari’, you wanted to give Modi’s ‘supari’ (contract killing),” Narendra Modi said.


However, people need not worry as ‘Maa Ambe’ (goddess) is protecting me, he added.

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