No one would even talk about their enemies like this: PM Modi

Prime Minister Modi is outraged at the comments made by Salman Nizami, supposedly a Youth Congress member, asking who the prime minister’s parents were. Modi said that this sort of language was not used even for enemies. A few days back, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar had also targetted the PM, calling him a ‘neech aadmi’ (low/ low-born man). Now, Salman has, while praising Rahul Gandhi’s father and grandmother, questioned Modi about his parents sarcastically.



Responding to this, Modi alleged that he was being targeted by the Congress for coming from a humble background. He said that the country and its people were everything to him, suggesting that the 125 crores of Indian citizens were his parents. Meanwhile, the Congress has denied that Salman Nizami is a member of the party. Saying there is no Congressman by that name, the party has distanced itself from these comments.

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