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New H-1B Visa Rules to Impact Hyderabad IT Companies

With the new H-1B rules imposed by the US Government, the entry level computer programmers working for Hyderabad based IT companies may find it very difficult to secure jobs in USA based on H-1B visas. As per the fresh announcement made by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the changes have been done to target the outsourcing companies that bring up lower-paid and low level computer workers.



In the past many Hyderabad based IT companies used to send highly skilled programmers along with entry-level programmers to USA on H-1B Visa. However with the introduction of new rules, the IT companies need to revisit the issue and they need to submit an evidence additional to the programmer’s experience which explains that the job is complex and need challenging professionals to work on it. Meanwhile, the USCIS has decided to take a targeted approach when making site visits across the country.