‘Pappu’ is offensive: Election Commission

With the Gujarat polls rapidly approaching, parties are gearing up to pull down their opponents. Much before campaigning begins in full earnest, the ruling BJP has started taking sarcastic digs at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi in electronic ad videos. This ad is quite zany. It has used the social media -savvy BJP cadres’ pet word ‘Pappu’ for Rahul Gandhi. This sarcasm has missed the target, however.



The Election Commission has objected to using the word ‘Pappu’ in the ad. It has directed the BJP leaders to remove the word as it is insulting and meant to deride a person. The BJP leaders, while clarifying that their ad was not directed at anyone, have said that they will abide by the Election Commission’s directions and take their objections into account. Ultimately, Gujarat BJP leader Jitu Vaghani had to unwillingly remove the word from the script and video.

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