Parakala Prabhakar betrayed my brother: Pawan Kalyan

Declaring that he would not tolerate attempts to portray him as a casteist leader, Janasena party leader Pavan Kalyan demanded why this caste debate had not arisen when he was touring Karimnagar and Bellary. He said he would have to start talking about organisations and their caste affiliations if people persisted in casteism. He said that his brother Chiranjeevi had faced defeat in politics as there were no honest political leaders by his side. Pavan said that Parakala Prabhakar Rao was one of the people who had betrayed Praja Rajyam.



Further criticising Parakala Prabhakar, Pavan asked why he was unable to get special status for Andhra Pradesh when his wife was a Union minister. He invited everyone who wished to see a political change to join him. He said some politicians didn’t even have the patience to study the Polavaram issue. He also said that Kapu reservations could not be achieved through a show of might. Speaking in Rajamandry, Pavan Kalyan also questioned why BC Sanghams chairman R. Krishnaiah, who was opposed to Kapu reservations, had not raised an objection when the item had been included in the TDP manifesto. He had, in fact, contested as the Telangana CM candidate, Pavan reminded.

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