Pavan Kalyan: Hyderabad scores over Amaravati in this…

Making Amaravati the capital of Andhra Pradesh was fraught with danger, said Janasena party leader Pavan Kalyan. Caste, creed and religious identity is very important in this area, he observed. He said that only if people were able to transcend this could Amaravati become a global city and encouraged the leaders and people to move in this direction. He said that the capital could be any city, but global infrastructure would have to be built. However, Vijayawada had not changed much, he observed. He also said that the people of this region were trapped in casteism. He said killing Vangaveeti Ranga, who was unarmed, was absolutely wrong, and the government of the day was at fault, leading to loss of innocent lives in the ensuing riots. He said that no one cared about caste in Hyderabad while in the Vijayawada region that was the first question asked.



He reiterated that this had to change if the city had to become world-class. He said that differences between castes would lead to disaster and only harmony between the different groups was the solution. He urged the people to work towards this for the prosperity of the country. He said that Telangana had built a reputation of being free of caste acrimony, something that was lacking in the Andhra society. He also pointed out that castes gained prominence only because of wealth, otherwise no cared for them. He concluded by saying that Andhra Pradesh could progress only if each individual region – Rayalaseema, Northern Andhra and the coastal areas – was developed.

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