Posters linking Rahul Gandhi and Afzal Guru put up in Ahmedabad

With the final stage of polling set to commence in Gujarat, the Congress and BJP have intensified their criticism of each other. Recently, posters of Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi surfaced in Ahmedabad. These posters show him posing with Salman Nizami, the youth Congress leader caught in controversy presently. It also shows a screen shot from Nizami’s twitter handle where he had supported Afzal Guru (the man accused to be the mastermind behind the attack on the Parliament). The poster declares that any friend of Afzal Guru’s is a traitor.



The BJP claims that the photograph of Rahul and Salman was taken when the latter was campaigning for the Congress in Gujarat. This is in response to the Congress denying the existence of a party worker by this name. That Nizami had tweeted that Rahul was dedicating his life to India like his father and grandmother, who lay down their lives for the country is well-known. Nizami had asked who PM Modi’s parents were in the same tweet, to which the PM had retorted that the citizens of India were his parents.

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