Prakash Raj: BJP hungers for power

Actor Prakash Raj made headlines with his critical comments on the BJP. The actor accused BJP of having a ‘hunger to hold on to power’. He further added that the same was leading to a situation where people like him ‘could not speak’.



At a press conference on Sunday, the 52-year-old actor said, “Hasn’t this been haeppening for quite some time? Wasn’t Shah Rukh Khan sidelined? Wasn’t Aamir Khan sidelined? Wasn’t he removed from being an ambassador? Weren’t some of his commercials stopped? My commercials are being stopped too. I can’t speak about the commercials because there is no money involved.”


He further added, “I have no faith in any political party.”


Mr. Raj said that there is a silent majority of people who have realised what he called their mistake in voting for the BJP.


He stated that he did not approve of actors joining politics and termed it as a disaster. He added that they should come with clear perception of issues facing the country.

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