Rahul Gandhi assures a change in Indian Politics

Amidst the Gujrat polls, both Congress and BJP have been attacking each other on personal levels. But, the newly elected Congress President Rahul Gandhi emphasized that he will bring an end to the culture of personal attacks in India’s political discourse.


In an exclusive interview to the news channel, Rahul Gandi admitted the ‘neech’ comments on Modi by his party man Mani Shankar Aiyar and said they are unacceptable.



Reacting to Modi’s allegations of the former Prime Minister making a conspiracy with Pakistan, he demanded an apology from Modi for making such baseless allegations. “Manmohan Singh dedicated his entire life to the country. But the way Modiji spoke is not acceptable. He should have apologized, that is his decision. But we want to bring about this change,” said Rahul Gandhi.


He also made it clear that Congress doesn’t make any personal attacks on the political opponents and it’s BJP which does that.


“BJP aur Narendra Modi ji zaroor karte hain. Bura to lagta hai (BJP and Narendra Modi do this. We feel bad),” Rahul Gandhi said.


On Gujrat polls, Rahul said that Congress will recreate the history by winning with a huge margin and surprise everyone.


“We will do very well. We will surprise you,” he said.


The second phase of the Gujrat elections will be held on 14th December and counting will be done on 18th December.

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