Richa Chadda on sexual harassment: Leave me alone

“Nothing to reveal, leave me alone,” says Bollywood actress Richa Chadda in connection with the sexual harassment in the Hindi film industry.



In a series of tweets, she clarified that her recent comments on casting couch did not refer to her personal experiences but to all who experienced sexual harassment.


She tweeted, “I don’t need security.I used the ‘I’ as an example to indicate that whistle-blowers don’t have support from the ecosystem.Putting an end to this confusion once n for all.I have nothing to REVEAL.Plz leave me alone abt this.I made the mistake of writing a blog so I wouldn’t Be questioned as an authority on the subject of sexual harassment.It’s an epdiemic that needs to end but still waiting for a compassionate,thoughtful, concrete discussion on it.All we get is click bait.My film is a hit,is waqt to baksh dijiye sab log.”


Speaking to PTI recently, she said, “If you give me pension for life, take care of my safety, my family, ensure I’ll continue to get work in films and TV or whatever I want to do, my career will grow unabated as it is right now after I name and shame somebody, sure I will. Not just me, million others will do that. But who will do it?”


She added, “We don’t have royalties here for actors, in absence of proper legislations, who will take a risk?”

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