ASEAN summit 2017 Philippines: Spot the Leader MODI

A photo of world leaders posing at the Manila summit 2017 in Philippines has gone viral. This photo features USA President Donald Trump standing in the centre and shaking hands with the leaders on both sides in an unusual handshake-chain. This highlights the comic side of President Trump.

President Trump was the centre of attraction in this unusual photograph. This is in keeping with his trend of creating a sensation where he goes. In his recent Gulf tour, President Trump reached out to his wife, Melania Trump, who pointedly ignored his outstretched hand. That was also a viral picture… and now this photograph.

Modi at ASEAN summit 2017

Prime Minister Modi is standing towards the end of the row in this photograph. The Cambodian Head of State and the UN Secretary General are standing on either side of him.

Modi at ASEAN summit 2017 1

India-USA ties are improving more than expected and in the future, efforts will be on to create benefits with other Asian countries as well, said Prime Minister Modi. Mr Modi met President Trump on the side lines of the 31st ASEAN conference being held in Manila. Both leaders discussed issues relating to defence, commerce, counter-terrorism, and security of the Indo-Pacific region. President Trump appreciated the efforts made by Prime Minister Modi in deepening the relationship between the two countries.

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