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Vijayashanti gets relief from court

The Chennai High Court has provided some relief to senior actor and Congress leader Vijayashanti. It has struck down a petition accusing her of cheating, filed by a Chennai-based hotelier Inder Chand Jain. Vijayashanti holds the power of attorney to a piece of land in T Nagar in Chennai. Jain had accused her of entering into an agreement to sell him the property. After he paid Rs 4.68 crores, she cancelled the deal and sold it to someone else, Jain alleged. He also claimed that she had not returned the money she had taken from him.



Jain had filed a petition in this regard in the Georgetown court five years back. The court had refused to admit the petition as it was a civil matter, upon which Jain had approached the High Court. He simultaneously filed a criminal case in the Egmore court. This court ordered the Central Crime Branch to investigate this matter. Vijayashanti then went to court questioning these petitions. The court heard these matters on Wednesday and struck both petitions down, chiding Jain for filing petitions due to his personal grudges.

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