We have regressed as a nation: Deepika Padukone

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ has been hitting the headlines ever since the movie’s shooting begun. First, it was an attack by the Rajput community on the movie sets, and now the BJP opposing the movie’s release. Despite the Supreme court rejected to give a stay on the film’s release, the protests still continue and they have turned violent. Protesting the stall the movie’s release Karna sena has set ablaze a cinema hall in Kota.


Being quite annoyed by the ongoing controversy surrounding the movie, actress Deepika Padukone who is playing the Rani Padmavati in the movie said none can stop the movie from release on 1st December.



“It’s appalling, it’s absolutely appalling. What have we gotten ourselves into? And where have we reached as a nation? We have regressed,” Deepika said, sharing her views on on the uproar about the movie.


“The only people we are answerable to is the censor board, and I know and I believe that nothing can stop the release of this film,” said Deepika, adding that the film industry’s support symbolizes how “this is not about ‘Padmavati’… We’re fighting a much bigger battle”.


The movie features Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor as her husband Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as the evil invader Alauddin Khilji.

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