Will KCR make Kavitha contest from Kodangal?

The latest topic of discussion for TRS leaders is whether Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s plan of action to counter the two Reddys, who have issued an open challenge to the TRS, is ready. These Reddys are none other than Revanth Reddy, who recently resigned from the TDP to join the Congress party, and Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, also of the Congress party. Revanth Reddy is known to have challenged KCR and the TRS to defeat him in Kodangal. At the same time, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy, too, commented recently that even a hundred KCRs spending Rs 1000 crores could not defeat him in Nalgonda. These comments were obviously unpalatable to the TRS. To respond to Komatireddy Venkat Reddy’s challenge, the party will have to wait until the general elections, but it is being said that plans are on to counter Revanth Reddy in Kodangal.



It is known that Revanth Reddy’s resignation is still with TDP head Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu. Only when he accepts and submits it to the Speaker of the Telangana Legislative Assembly, by-polls will be held in Kodangal. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding this matter. Yet, the mere possibility of a by-poll in Kodangal has started a whirlwind of activity amongst Telangana political parties. The ruling TRS has gone a step ahead by starting ‘Special Operation Aakarsh’ scheme in Kodangal, accepting all and sundry into the party folds. However, suspecting that this might not suffice in beating Revanth Reddy, it is being said that KCR himself has stepped into the fray and made his daughter Kavitha responsible for ‘Operation Kodangal’.


Kavitha, a TRS MP from Nizamabad, is largely confined to the parliament. Demands for her to play a more active role in state politics have been growing more vociferous. It was already being said that Kavitha would contest on an MLA ticket come next general election. That Kavitha played a major role in the recent Singareni Union elections and was largely responsible for the victory of a TRS-affiliated union is well-known. Having thus proven her mettle to her father, it is being said that KCR will delegate the responsibility of the Kodangal by-poll to her. Party insiders are also saying that it would not be surprising if Kavitha herself becomes the TRS candidate contesting in the by-poll. This, party leaders say, is KCR’s plan-B as son KTR is busy with his ministerial duties. Whichever strategy is finalised, it is safe to say that reducing the ‘Revanth Reddy effect’ on Telangana politics would be KCR’s primary concern.

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