Y S Jagan Embroiled in Controversy due to Tirumala Visit

Like all politicians, YCP leader Y. S. Jagan too is trying to be seen a secular leader. These exercises in secularism are, however, landing him in trouble. His growing proximity to Hindu religious leaders and swamijis has become the talk of the town. It is being said that Mr. Jagan is closely following the advice and instructions of these swamijis. Photos of Jagan paying obeisance by touching the feet of swamijis have gone viral already. The fact that he kicked off his padayatra with a visit to the Tirumala shrine has also not gone down well with the non-Hindu community. Communal sentiments and voter banks aside, Jagan is also being subjected to some sharp personal criticism from these quarters.



The Christian community is particularly enraged by Jagan’s visit to Tirumala. A Christian pastor based in Tirupati recently came down heavily upon Y.S. Jagan, stirring up a huge controversy. A video showing Pastor David Karunakaran addressing his Church has gone viral. The video shows his sermon where he comments that Y.S. Jagan would be subject to divine punishment for going against the Christian tenet of not worshipping idols. To Jagan’s detractors, this video is an unexpected plum opportunity.

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