Agnyathavaasi: No respite from the plagiarism woes

Pawan Kalyan-Trivikram’s ‘Agnyathavaasi’ which was released amidst humongous expectations, turned out a colossal dud leaving the distributors in huge losses. Adding more woes to the misery, the plagiarism still continues to haunt the filmmakers.



As speculated earlier, it’s proven that the movie is a Freemake of the French movie ‘Largo Winch’. Jerome Salle, who directed the French version seems to be not in a mood to let the makers of ‘Agnyathavaasi’ go scot free and is planning to sue the makers for free-lift. It now remains to be seen how serious would Jerome Salle take the issue and how the makers of ‘Agnyathvaasi’ cope up with this double blow.



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