Alize Cornet given code violation for removing top during US Open

The US open 2018 sparked a sexism storm in New York. The incident has sparked a sexism storm in New York. Criticism arose while the male players are regularly seen to remove their T-shirts during matches without punishment, and the sanction during Tuesday’s first-round encounter between Cornet and Johanna Larsson left the Frenchwoman visibly baffled.


Under the WTA regulations, female players are not permitted to change their attire while out on the court, but there is no such ruling in the men’s game and the likes of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer were seen on Tuesday changing their tops as they looked to cope with the extreme heat that hit New York.



Both genders have been granted 10-minute heat breaks – women allowed to take it before the start of the third and men before the fourth set – such were the difficult conditions this week, but when Cornet returned from hers she noticed that she had put her top back on the wrong way around.


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Rather than delaying the game by returning to the locker room, Cornet quickly turned away from the television cameras, took her top off and put it back on the right way in an action that took all of 10 seconds. But as she prepared for the match to resume, chair umpire Christian Rask punished her by announcing the code violation for unsportsmanlike behavior due to revealing her sports bra underneath her top.


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