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Sasikala Denied Most Privileges In Jail, But

Currently, VK Sasikala is serving her four-year jail term in Bengaluru. Recently, an RTI activist has claimed that she is receiving VVIP treatment. It is heard that she had been denied a number of privileges she had asked for, including home food, cot, mattress, table fan and attached bathroom. 



Now, it is heard that Sasikala is meeting a number of people in jail and rules allow only two visitors a month. Also, while visitors are allowed to meet prisoners only between 11am to 5pm, the AIADMK leader met the visitors even after 5pm.


Narsimha Murthy, who is an activist, has claimed that in 31 days, the leader met 19 visitors but the number of visits is 14.


The jail department, in response to the RTI query, said that the convict prisoners are eligible for interviews once a week. The Director General of Prisons HN Satyanarayana Rao, however, said the rule about visitors is not ironclad - the jailor is allowed to use his discretion.