Amaravati Land Dispute: Minister Devineni named

Another point of contention might arise between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. A couple, Suresh and Pravija, registered a complaint against A.P. Irrigation minister Devineni Umamaheswar Rao in the Jubilee Hills police station. They allege that Devineni has his eyes on their property – a piece of land they had received as a wedding gift. The land was very cheap before the Capital was decided, but its cost has risen exponentially, with each acre costing over Rs One crore now. The couple said that Devineni, his brother and his followers were threatening them to sell the land. The couple also revealed that many other leaders wanted to purchase their property, and were threatening them.



In the police complaint, the couple said that Devineni Umamaheswar Rao, his brother, and three more people – Nani, Rajendra and an unnamed person – had been menacing them. They said that their life was in danger and requested that the police arrange protection for them. With the complaint against an A.P. minister being filed in a Telangana police stations, both states are in a tumult. Devineni is yet to respond to these charges.

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