Balka Suman alleges murder attempt on him

Chennuru TRS member Balka Suman made some sensational comments. He alleged that he has a life threat from the supporters of Nallala Odelu who couldn’t get the Chennur seat. Balka Suman also said that he has no fetish for power and only on KCR’s instruction he is willing to contest from Chennu constituency.



He claimed that the supporters of Odelu tried to kill him by setting him ablaze but got saved by the gunmen. He also clarified that he is not someone who is scared of all these warnings and would contest from the same constituency. The Odelu supporters started raising slogans against Balka Suman who is campaigning in Manchiryal district’s Indaram. Odelu’s follower Gattaih who set him ablaze was severely burnt along with three other men and a channel cameraman who were near to him.

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