Biotech Varaprasad Reddy’s shocking comments on Veerachineni diet plan

Veeramachineni Ramakrishna who proudly claims as great dietician and feels like God sent a messenger to the diabetes patients often received huge criticism from humanists like Bagu Gogineni. Recently, Varaprasad Reddy, the founder of Shanta biotechniques deferred with Veeramachineni’s diet plans. He disagreed with Veeramachineni’s comments that his diabetes came under control only after following
Veeramachineni’s diet plans.



Varaprasad Reddy said that though he and his wife started following Veeramachineni’s diet plan, his sugar levels never came under control, but his wife’s condition was a little batter. He also said that they didn’t stop the medication all of a sudden as it would leave a bad impact on the body that got adjusted to intake of medicine for long.


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