BJP trying to lure Professor Kodandaram

With the TRS getting too powerful, the Telangana BJP is in a deep dilemma to confront the mighty and TRS and sketching out new strategies to give a tough fight to the TRS. As per the latest update, T-BJP is likely to offer Professor Kodandaram Rajysabha ticket and few more seats if he merges his ‘Telangana Jana Samithi’ party with the BJP.




As Congress denied to offer more than two sets to Kodandaram’s party, he is in plans to tie up with the BJP which is luring him with more seats. On the other hand, BJP is planning to make the best of his popularity as it was Kodandaram who played a major role in the Telangana formation. It’s also speculated that Kodandaram had a secret meeting with the Telangana BJP chief Kishar Reddy. However, it has to be clarified officially.

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