Don’t question my governance or else your fingernails will be chopped off, warns Biplab Deb

Despite apologizing to former Miss World Diana Hayden for his controversial comments, Tripura CM Biplab Kumar Deb hasn’t learned anything from his mistakes. He has once again courted controversy, this time by saying that if anyone criticises his government their nails need to be chopped off.



A new video is being widely circulated of Deb’s speech at the Civil Services Day in Agartala last week. In the video, he can be seen warning to chop off the nails of those who criticize his government.



Last month, Biplab Deb stirred a controversy by saying the internet and satellite communication existed even during the Mahabharata times.



Then he questioned the crowning of Diana Hayden as Miss World in 1997, saying she was not an Indian beauty like Aishwarya Rai.



Biplab Deb also advised that mechanical engineers should not opt for civil services, but civil engineers should. Even last week, the Tripura CM delivered two new bloopers. “Graduates shouldn’t run after government jobs, they should start paan shop instead,” he declared. He even suggested, young men should breed cows and explore a career in dairy instead of relying on government jobs.


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