E.S.L. Narasimhan is safe

E.S.L Narasimhan, the governor of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, is currently on tour in Delhi. Rumours were rampant that he would be removed from his posts, keeping in view the continuous controversies surrounding him. Media houses were anticipating his ousting orders, however, this was not the reason for his summons to Delhi. Instead, Telugu media in Delhi are reporting that the BJP feels that Narasimhan is the most capable governor for the Telugu states.



Narasimhan said that the Telugu states are functioning well, aside from a few minor problems expected of states that had been recently bifurcated. He also said that these differences would disappear very soon. The governor submitted a detailed report on the politics and administration of the Telugu states to the Union Home Ministry. He told the media that a few festering issues in the Bifurcation Act need to be addressed and that they would be resolved very soon.


With the Prime Minister scheduled to meet Chandrababu Naidu soon, it is expected that governor Narasimhan was summoned for an update on the status of Telugu states. Narasimhan, who was facing criticism about his blatant favouritism of Telangana CM KCR from both the Telangana opposition and the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, has received a new lease of life as the Central government is not planning to oust him any time soon, despite rumours to the contrary.

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