Fresh trouble in Andhra Pradesh over Nandamuri Balakrishna’s comments

Hindupuramu MLA and TDP leader Nandamuri Balakrishna’s agitated comments warning the Centre and PM Modi of Telugu might and TDP’s power have created a turmoil in the state. Speaking on the dais in Vijayawada where party supremo Chandrababu Naidu was on a one-day protest, Balayya called for people to resort the path of force to get the special category status due to the state.



Severely criticising the Prime Minister, Balakrishna asked him to learn to respect seniors such as L.K.Advani, learn to honour his wife and finally learn Telugu, the second-widely spoken language in the country! Balakrishna spoke in Hindi for some time on this dais. He said that this was not Gujarat and further said that the BJP would not win a single seat in Andhra Pradesh.


Balayya’s comments have not gone down well with the AP BJP, which has called for his arrest on the charges of demeaning the Prime Minister. AP BJP MLA PVN Madhav said that it was laughable that a person with a criminal background like Balakrishna was commenting on the Prime Minister. He warned that Balayya would not be allowed to tour. Reports too suggest that the AP BJP has taken a decision to put a check on Balayya wherever he goes. This is the first time that the Hindupuramu MLA, who generally speaks on current issues in a very balanced manner, has been so outspoken. TDP cadres too are left wondering if he might have gone too far.

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