HD Kumaraswamy clarifies on his party’s stand

HD Kumaraswamy, the former CM of Karnataka has mastered the art of making the best use of opportunity in one’s favor. Despite his party, JD(S) ending up at a distant third in the assembly elections with 37 seats, Kumaraswamy, is back in the reckoning after the Congress announced support to him to lead a coalition government.



The politician who prefers to call him as ‘King’ rather than the ‘King Maker’ opined that none of the Kannadigas voted to BJP because of Modi. He said that the votes were cast in BJP’s favor due to split in the secular votes.



While interacting with the media, Kumaraswamy blasted at BJP trying to lure the MLAs by offering lucrative offers to form the government in Karnataka. The former CM who accepted the request by Congress had already written a letter to the Governor regarding the same and a reply from the Governor is still awaited.

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