Hyper Aadi taking the advantage of his own Fake social media accounts

With the advent of technology and internet, social media is accosting us in every sphere of life and it has become the best tool to convey our messages. Apart from its huge benefits, the misuse of social media often creates problems.


Hundreds of netizens make the use of fake profiles of some popular celebrities to increase the followers and abuse whom they hate.



Recently, the popular comedian ‘Hyper’ Aadi who shot to fame with the reality shows landed in a trouble as a person had posted abusive messages on film critic Kathi Mahesh through Hyper Aadi’s fake account.



Digging at Kathi Mahesh’s integrity, he blasted Kathi for trying to sexually exploit a helpless woman who approached him for the film offers. Few opine that Hyper Aadi is using this as his best tool to criticize Kathi Mahesh, whom he has been hating ever since he made sensational comments on his favorite hero Pawan Kalyan.

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