IKEA Hyderabad store suspends sale of veg biryani and samosa

On Wednesday, IKEA India announced that it has suspended the sale of vegetable biryani and samosa in its 1000 seater restaurant located in Hyderabad.


గొంగళి ఎఫెక్ట్.. ఐకియాలో బిర్యాని, సమోసాలకు బ్రేక్


Recently, a customer alleged that he found a caterpillar in the vegetable biryani served to him.



With this, the GHMC issued a notice to the firm on August 31 and also fined.



“IKEA India has voluntarily stopped sales of two of its most appreciated products – vegetarian biryani and samosa, sourced locally in India. IKEA follows strong internal processes to secure quality and takes full responsibility for its supply chain. IKEA India has initiated an internal review in order to take any corrective actions as needed,” the company said in a statement.

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