Jagga Reddy received Rs 15 lakhs in passport fraud case

The case of former Congress MLA Jagga Reddy is taking new twists and turns and shocking facts are getting revealed in the passport fraud case. It’s revealed that he attained the passport in 2016 on MLA’s letterhead and sent others to the USA on his family members names.



It’s also found that Jagga Reddy had taken Rs 5 lakhs from each of the three persons and he has agreed on the same. While his daughter was born in 1997 and son in 2000, he faked by producing faked documents saying his daughter was born in 1989. He also replaced some other women’s photo instead of his wife T. Nirmala.



He also revealed that he sent fake persons abroad with the help of the broker Madhu and started this business in 2004. The police have filed criminal cases on Jaggareddy under IPC sections 419, 490, 467, 468, 471, 37, Passport act section 12, Immigration act section 24.

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