Junior artiste takes back accusations against TV9

Tollywood is at the receiving end of a good deal of flak and backlash due to the sensational revelations of casting couch and sexual harassment of women by Tollywood’s who’s who. Actor Sri Reddy’s #SriLeaks created a clear rift in the industry, with groups of people standing for and against her. Many female actresses and artistes raised their voices to support Sri Reddy’s revelations. One such person is a junior artiste called Sunitha Boya.

Sunitha Boya had disclosed her experience in Tollywood on TV9 debates. As part of this, she had said that she was acquainted with film critic Kathi Mahesh, who she claimed was not a good person. She said that Mahesh had assaulted her, and that she had proofs of this. She threatened to file a case of attempt to rape against him. However, she turned back from this statement after a while. Seizing the opportunity, Kathi Mahesh then warned Sunitha and said on social media that he would file a case of defamation to the tune of Rs 50 lakh rupees against her.


Flustered by this, Sunitha Boya released a video message saying that she did not know anything and that she could not pay Rs 50 lakhs. She said she had approached TV9 on their invitation, and thatbshe had only shared whatbshe knew. She then went on to wildly accuse TV9 and Kathi Mahesh of blackmailing her.

However, a few hours later, Sunitha Boya once again changed her claims, saying that she had lost controlon hearing of defamation, and that TV9 had nothing to do with the battle between herself and film critic Kathi Mahesh. She said that she would definitely bring Kathi Mahesh’s true personality to light, while admitting that TV9 was not part of the equation at all.

Posted by Sunitha Artist on Sunday, April 15, 2018

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