Karnataka 2018 election results: Gali Janardhan Reddy becomes a ray of hope for BJP

Mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy who was distanced by Amit Shah after serving time in jail for the illegal mining case has gained significance once again in the party.


The mastermind behind the infamous ‘Operation Kamala’ has been given a great task by the BJP as the party failed to cross the magic figure in the recently held Karnataka Assembly polls. With Congress and JD(S) decided to form an alliance to form the government, BJP roped in Gali brothers as the only way it can succeed is by poaching Congress and/or Janata Dal (S) MLAs.



In 2008, when BJP bloomed in Karnataka, the party was thrilled, but its happiness was short-lived as it was three seats short of a majority to form the government. At the time, the BJP high command relied heavily on Gali Janardhan Reddy who coined and implemented ‘Operation Kamala’ and helped the party crossed the magic figure of 112.



Ten years later, BJP is facing the same situation in Karnataka. Though Yeddyurappa took the oath as the chief minister of Karnataka, he should prove his majority within 15 days. With the pressure mounted up, the BJP seems to have had a conspiracy meeting with Gali Janardhan Reddy to lobby the MLAs to help to form prove their majority within the set deadline.



Amidst all this two MLAs of Reddy camp—Anand Singh and Nagendra—have gone incommunicado. Both MLAs crossed over to the Congress recently and won. Their association with Janardhan Reddy has been longstanding, and they have also been accused of aiding Reddy in the 16,000 crores illegal mining scam.

Though the Congress and JD(S) have been claiming that the two MLAs are with them, their absence at the legislature party meeting in Bengaluru was conspicuous.

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