KCR honoured with ‘ Palabhishekam’ in A.P.

No chief minister in the erstwhile united Andhra Pradesh probably received the honour of a milk ‘abhishekam’ as many times as Telangana CM KCR. In the past four year, hundreds of such rituals have been performed in Telangana, with people offering many litres of milk as a mark of their respect. Despite criticisms that KCR has not yet fulfilled his promises, his oratory skills, declarations, promises and charisma continue to win him many fans and followers. In an unprecedented incident, KCR’s photograph was anointed with milk in Andhra Pradesh. This is shocking, as KCR had fought against the Andhras for the formation of Telangana. Read on for more details of this strange incident.



The ritual was organised by Yadava Yuva Bheri in Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, on 9th January. The Yadavs said that this was their way of paying respects to KCR, who had recently declared that one Rajya Sabha seat and one MLC post would be given to Telangana Yadavs. The programme was conducted under the leadership of Lakkanaboyina Venu and Kolusu Sathish. It looks like KCR is beginning to win the hearts of the Andhras as well!

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