Konda Surekha calls KTR a manipulator

Konda Surekha, who was denied the Warangal (East) seat by the TRS is miffed by the insult and breathing fire on the TRS. She demanded KCR to assure that he would give BPharms to all the 105 members as promised and said Telangana is not their family property. She held a press meet in Somajiguda press club along with her husband Konda Murali and said it’s not she alone was cheated but all the entire BC women of Telangana were cheated by KCR. She also questioned whether Telangana would’ve been formed without the help of women.



Surekha also said that she hasn’t taken a single penny apart from the Bpharms given by TRS. She accused the TRS of not supporting them while they have sacrificed everything for the party. She also blamed KCR for not taking their opinion while inviting Saraiah, Gundu Sudharani, and Yerrabelli into the party. She demanded the reason to keep her ticket on hold and criticized for tapping her phone calls.



Konda Surekha also said that it’s upon the request by KCR, they have joined the party after assuring a Minister seat for her and MLC seat for her husband Konda Murali. She praised Harish Rao as a gentleman and accused KTR as a manipulator who is obstructing her from the getting the ticket on behalf of TRS.

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