Mahanati team insulted my father, alleges Gemini Ganesan’s daughter

‘Mahanati’, the biopic of Savitri which was released was widely appreciated by each and everyone. Though it’s a known fact that it’s Gemini Ganesan the real reason behind Savitri’s downfall and pathetic state, the filmmakers didn’t portray him in a bad light but instead shown his character as a jealous husband who later gets addicted to alcohol.



However, Kamala Selvaraj, the daughter of Gemini Ganesan and Alamelu, is not happy with the way her father’s character was portrayed and fired on Mahanati Team. She said, “The role of my father was misinterpreted in the film Mahanati.”



She made a few interesting comments about Savitri’s relationship with her father. Speaking to a website, Kamala Selvaraj questioned the Mahanati team, “How can you say that Gemini Ganesan loved only Savitri and not his first wife when he already had 2 kids with her?”.



Kamala Selvaraj also said that Gemini Ganesan was a top hero along with MGR and Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil film industry. But her father Gemini Ganesan’s character was portrayed as a lazy person in Mahanati.



She also said that she was shocked as has the director showed Gemini Ganesan encouraged Savitri to consume the alcohol.



Kamala Selvaraj further said, “Mahanati portrays Gemini Ganesan as the main antagonist in Savitri’s life, but that is not the case in reality. She added that Savitri hated Gemini Ganesan to the core and once used her dog to attack them when they visited the actress’s house.



Kamala Selvaraj concluded it by saying that the makers cannot show every single aspect of a person’s life in the span of 3 hours.

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