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DU Officer Fined For Rejecting RTI Query On Modi’s Degree

A fine of Rs 25,000 was slapped by the Central Information Commission (CIC) on Delhi University's Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) for rejecting a Right to Information (RTI) application seeking Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bachelor degree. 


The CIC, M Sridhar Acharyulu, pulled up CPIO Meenakshi Sahay of Delhi University and said the rejections reminded him of the saying “penny wise, pound foolish”.



To recover an amount of Rs 25,000 from the salary payable to Sahay, the commission directing the 'public authority' said that the story that thousands of rupees had been spent in a legal battle over a postal order of Rs 10, "the proverb 'penny wise, pound foolish' has to be rewritten as 'rupee wise and thousand foolish'".


Sahay, in her defence, argued that there was no malice in rejecting the RTI application and that she had to follow the policies laid down by the University.


The commission also slammed Delhi University for "spending huge amounts of money and consuming precious time of public servants".


It also recommended that officials be provided with the latest books on the RTI Act as well as classic text books on administrative law and also suggested they should also be given the books Right to Know by late professor SP Sathe and Chetan Bhagat's Five-point Someone: What Not To Do At IIT.

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