Metro targets reached! One month scorecard of Hyderabad Metro

It has been exactly one month since the Hyderabad Metro began operational. In the first week of operations, Hyderabadis thronged the Metro stations due to the novelty factor, causing unbelievable rush. The question now is whether the Metro has been able to ease the travel woes of the average Hyderabadi and whether the Hyderabadis have taken to the Metro. The Metro authorities are yet to answer these questions.



In the past month, 32 lakhs and 25 thousand people have used the Metro. This means that the target of a lakh people per day has been achieved, said Hyderabad metro MD Srinivas Reddy. He also revealed that 1.5 Metro smart cards had been sold in the past month. Aside from Pragati Nagar, tenders have been invited for parking lots for all Metro stations, he said. This would ease the parking peoblems that people have been encountering. The new Metro service timetable would be released in a week, he said.

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